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The new game inspired to fantasy football, applied to the videogaming entertainment world.


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Discover. Choose.
Trade. Play.

Play with the cards of the best streamers. Create your Dream Team and deploy the best formation possible.

Next-level Tournaments.

Join tournaments and get points based on your streamers real performances.


Different and frequent tournaments. You can choose from various tournament types. These are based on the different card rarities that you can play with, on the season and much more. Each week new competitions to join.



a new tournament

Up to


different types

Everything is based on our

Revolutionary Algorithm

The algorithm analyzes all the livestream variables, such as followers, number of viewers and timings. Leveraging Machine Learning, it elaborates thousands of data each second to output in real-time the streamer score.


Our cards are unique. Based on each streamer appereance, each card is handmade by some of the most promising italian illustrators. A simple and linear design based on the most famous collections.

Collect them all.

Only the best gamers around.


Play with the cards of the most famous content creators, now in a new unique version.
Real value. Obtain, trade and sell the rarest cards.

A competitive game

Based on

cards rarity.

Each streamer is available in multiple rarities.

Collect them all.



In order to obtain Common cards you just need to open a new account. In the beta version, they can be obtained by participating in tournaments or by completing quests.



The Uncommon cards can be bought via auction, bundle or from other users. You can also win them in the Common and Uncommon tournaments.



Rare cards are more limited. You can obtain them via auction, bundle or from other users. With them you get access to Rare tournaments.



There are only 10 Epic cards for each streamer. Obtain them to participate in the best tournaments.



Legendary cards are the last level of rarity. Only 1 card for each streamer. Obtain one and get a physical copy too.


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